EVERBEX Enterprise Network take the problems away, providing a secure dependable managed network that makes business easier to do any where, any time. Together, these cutting-edge IT solutions will take care of all your technical and network needs, allowing you to stay focused on your business.

An enterprise network is an enterprise’s communications backbone that helps connect computers and related devices across all locations. An enterprise network may include local and wide area networks (LAN/WAN), depending on operational and departmental requirements. An enterprise network can integrate all systems, including Windows and Apple computers and operating systems (OS), Unix systems, mainframes and related devices like smartphones and tablets. A tightly integrated enterprise network effectively combines and uses different device and system communication protocols.

Key Features:

  • Know when new devices are added to the network, through a process of automatic discovery.
  • View what the network looks like, on a topology map, and where traffic bottlenecks occur.
  • Group faults together for simpler troubleshooting.
  • Analyze network performance in real-time.
  • Keep track of devices deployed in the network (inventory management).

Everbex Offerings

Everbex offers solutions and services in assessment, consulting, design, architect, implementation and deployment. We also provide preventive maintenance and optimization services.