Rely on Everbex professionals to deploy your switches and routers correctly the first time — and to optimize your network for maximum return on your data center investment. Get your new servers and storage system installed quickly with the help of Everbex specialists, and minimize downtime and disruption. We can speed time from purchase order to production with proven best practices for data center planning, configuration and implementation.

Everbex Offerings

Virtualization IntegrationIntegration Service

Virtualization systems are the way of reducing costs while improving performance in a company by reducing the number of physical server infrastructure and power consumption. Virtualization solutions will allow your company to get out more from your existing resources and eradicate the legacy of “one application to one server” model by server consolidation.

Storage & Data Management

With the increasing digitization of every aspect of businesses, data has become the lifeblood of every business. Safeguarding, retrieving, organizing, sharing and backing-up your business data while optimizing it’s management and assuring their security and continuancy is key to success in this world crowded with growing data.

Hardware & Software Provisioning

Everbex engineers operates a round the clock Network Operation Center to ensure every minute of the day including national holidays, weekends, nights or week days your network is up and running.

Network Integration

Network integration covers from the full network setup, cabling, office relocation, expansion to the migration of services when changing Internet provider.