Data Center

Everbex’s data center services can reduce costs associated with IT infrastructure. It offers flexible solutions which can be deployed in a matter of hours. This increases your IT efficiency and allows much faster scalability of new business systems. Our suite of Managed Data Center & Hosting Services provides unparalleled availability, high levels of security and redundancy to host your IT systems. We ensure that your computing environment is cost-efficient with state-of-the-art facilities.

Data Center Services portfolios

Server Hosting & Dedicated Hardware

Routers, switches, firewalls and all other necessary physical infrastructure are provided to customers for their server hosting services.


Everbex data center and co-location facility provide multiple redundant Fiber Backbone links with extensive public and private peering with local ISPs, International ISP link and Tier-1 Telco. Each Backbone has a ready capacity of 2Gbps and easy expansion capability of 10Gbps. Multiple upstream enable providers to connect to the world’s top ranked Tier 1 IP backbone with faster intra-Asia connections.

Private vault

Customers have the option to rent a space in everbex data center, specifically within a measured room with private access granted to it.

Data Center Features

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